Recommended Ski Resorts in Norway

In this article, I will give you some tips on where to travel in the winter if you love to ski. I have picked out a total of 5 ski resorts in Norway that I believe you should consider during the planning of this year’s winter holiday.


Voss is known as a ski resorts in Norway which has both Norwegian and foreign tourists who want to experience a challenging and beautiful scenery. Many visitors from Bergen also travel on day trips to Voss to use the resorts. Voss is located north-east in Hordaland county, about 1 hour and 15 minutes driving from Bergen. Centrally located along Vangsvatnet municipal center that goes under the name Vossevangen, where the council seat is located. Not far from here, (10 minutes from Vangen), you find Norway’s major ski resorts called Bavallen, with 40 kilometers of groomed ski trails, cable car and 12 lifts with a total capacity for 12 000 persons per hour.

Voss is also a mecca for extreme sports. The place has its own week called Ekstremsportvekaa, (usually the last week of June), where everything that happen is dedicated to extreme sports. So if you are interested in sports such as rafting, abseiling, fishing and hiking this is the place for you.


Mountain village Beitostolen is a tourist center located in Oystre Slindre in Oppland county. The place has a location 900 meters above sea level and is not far from Jotunheimen. This is something that makes the snow come very early and ski season last until April. In Beitostolen you find a huge ski resort, hotels and widespread cottages. The place is very family friendly and there are short distances between the slopes, ski trails and habitations. The skiing area starts in the middle of Beitostolen city center and stretches up to 1100 meter above the sea.


Geilo is a ski resort located approximately 4 hours driving from Oslo. The Bergen train line also passes through, so you can also choose to travel by train from both Oslo and Bergen. Geilo is located 794 meters above sea level and has approximately 3000 inhabitants. There are many hotels and cabins, so the accommodation options are many. During winter many tourists come here to use the huge ski domain which consists of 40 ski slopes and 220 kilometres of groomed cross country trails. The ski resort consists of all types of slopes, from the simple to the more difficult ones. Geilo is also one of the largest ski resorts in Norway and you will definitely find something that suits your skills.


Norefjell is the most dominant mountain range in southern Norway and Oslo’s nearest mountain. It has become a very popular ski resort, and the winter-Olympics in 1952 took place here. Since then Norefjell has been one of the largest and most modern ski resorts in Northern Europe. The mountain range is located between Eggedal in West and Krødsherad and Hallingdal in East. Many people from the Eastern part of Norway have cabins here, that they use a lot during the ski season.

Norefjell Ski Center consists of 13 lifts and 24 slopes. The place is also a popular destination for cross country skiing because of miles of groomed trails.


Hafjell is located 230 kilometres from Oslo and is a popular ski resort, both for the people from Norway and visiting tourists. Hafjell Resort is located at the entrance to Gudbrandsdalen, 15 kilometres North of Lillehammer, and is one of Norway’s largest resorts. It was here the Winter Olympic slalom took place in 1994, and it was due to that Hafjell was given a more recognized status as a ski resort. After the Lillehammer Olympics the ski resort was further developed and consists now of 30 trails, 1 cable car, 3 chairlifts and 11 ski lifts. It has also a large floodlight system and a terrain park for snowboarding and freestyle racing. The top point at Hafjell is located 1030 meters above sea level and has a fall of 835 meters.

Unique Phoenix’s Ski Resorts – Guide to Skiing Arizona

There are well facilitated ski resorts in and around Phoenix. The skiers will be happy to visit these resorts for a weekend and to glide down the slopes of mountains. These resorts offer facilities for every level of expertise.

Arizona Snow bowl is situated on the San Francisco Peaks. These peaks are a part of the Coconino National Forest which is only a 2 hours drive from the city of Phoenix. The resort offers 32 amazing trails, 777 acres of ski-able land with a vertical drop of 2,300 feet. This area quite obviously experiences the typical desert climate of Arizona thus making it possible for skiers to do sunny skiing as well.

The Sunrise Park Resort is the largest ski resort in Arizona. It is situated in the White Mountains. The ski-able zone offers cross-country trails for more than 13 miles and 8 lifts. This resort is owned and managed by the Apache Tribe of the White Mountains. This is one of the finest ski resorts in the state. You can also do mountain biking, horseback rides and lift rides out here.

Flagstaff Nordic Center is among the most popular ski resorts in Arizona. It is situated at a distance of only 7 miles from Snow bowl. This resort offers more than just skiing. It offers a host of winter snow activities to the visitors which include sledding, snowshoeing and of course skiing. Inter country competitions are held in this resort during the winter months. Skiers normally find the Nordic trails extremely interesting to ski on.

Another ski resort close to Phoenix is the Mount Lemmon Ski Valley. Here skiers can not only ski but can also snowboard. 200 acres of ski-able land with 3 lifts and vertical drop of 290 meters makes it one of the smallest ski centers. However, it is popular due to the scenic beauty it offers.

Where to Ski? Recommended Top Ski Resorts in Salt Lake City for Your Vacations

Salt Lake City Utah is paradise on earth for the skiers. It is home to quite a few ski resorts where you can experience the thrill of skiing along the undulating terrains. The ski resorts are reasonably priced and you can glide down the slope of light snow on the mountains. The ski resorts in Salt Lake City offer the best snowboarding and powder skiing activity in the world.

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort is one of the best in Salt Lake City Utah. The resort offers 882 superior guest rooms and a host of other facilities including dining, swimming and a spectacular spa. This resort offers 2,500 acres of ski-able land and the vertical drop is 3,240. The terrain is suited for beginners, intermediates and experts. There are 2 conveyor lifts and 10 chair lifts facilities. It also runs a school which provides instructions on ski for women.

Solitude Mountain Resort is another leading ski resort in Salt Lake City. It offers different types of lodging facilities which include Creekside, The Crossing, Eagle Springs, Luxury Homes, Inn at Solitude and Powder Lodge. You can ski on the mountain from 9-4. The resort provides chair lifts, 65 famous trails, 1200 acres of land to ski and 3 bowls for different skill levels.

Deer Valley Resort offers 3 types of lodging facilities and 10 plush restaurants for fine dining. The resort offers snowmobiling along with ski and other winter activities. Ski along Lady Morgan, Empire, Flagstaff Mountain and Bald Eagle Mountain.

Brighton Ski Resort offers 1,050 acres of ski-able land and superior lodging, dining and drinking areas. It also offers ski classes through the school. Night skiing is also done from 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. throughout the week from December to March. Tickets to this resort can be purchased online and varies as per age group. Purchasing season passes is the cheapest option in the long run if skiing is something you love to do all the time.

A Complete Guide About The Best Ski Resorts In South America

When its snow-time in South America, snow-sport lovers from all around the globe find it irresistible to stay away from the alluring ski resorts here. Sliding down the snow-covered mountains cannot be any more exciting to a skier or a snowboarder. If you love these white sports, then all you need to do is join a snowboarding or ski camp that can help you enjoy your love for the sports. Most of the ski camps in South America offer excellent facilities for both beginners and experts.

Most of ski resorts are located in Penitentes or Caviahue or Las Leñas or Cerro Catedral offer excellent infrastructure that fulfill the needs of every individual skier. But before you head out to any of the ski resorts of South America, you must know about the different ski resorts available, that will help you to choose the best.

Las Leñas

Las Lenas ski resort offers ski touring and off-piste skiing on its beautiful quality of snow. If you are a beginner or at the intermediate level, you can definitely enjoy heli-ski on its slopes. The main feature here is the modern system that can make artificial snow when it’s not snowing naturally. You can enjoy both day and night skiing at Las Lenas, which is located some 450 kilometers from City of Mendoza.


First opened in 1979, Penitentes offers more than 20 trails, each varying according to different levels of difficulty based on the need of individual skiers. This ski resort has been approved by both Federación Internacional de Ski (FIS) and Federación Argentina de Ski y Andinismo (FASA).

Batea Mahuida Snow Park

Lying some 370 kilometers from Neuquén, Batea Mahuida Snow Park is owned by Mapuche Puel community. You can enjoy both downhill and cross-country skiing around the monkey-puzzle tree forests.

Caviahue Ski Resort

Caviahue ski resort is located at the foot of Lake Copahue and it also offers hot spring waters rich in volcanic minerals apart from excellent skiing facilities. This resort perhaps, offer one of the longest ski seasons of the Southern Hemisphere. You can enjoy skiing around forests of monkey-puzzle trees and conifers. Caviahue Ski Resort is located some 357 kilometers from the City of Neuquén.

Cerro Chapelco

Mount Chapelco offers one of the most beautiful settings for skiing in Argentina. With excellent snow, the mountain offers some of the best remote sites in the planet and it is very famous among people from all over the world who come here to ski on its beautiful trails. Snowboarders too, can show their talents in the parallel slalom, half pipe, fun park and big air, which are available inside the snow park.

Cerro Catedral

Cerro Catedral is located some 20 kilometers from the City of Bariloche, its beauty makes it a hot spot for millions all over the world. The height of the mountain gives a feeling that sky is the limit for it, standing some 1030 meters above sea level. The 600 hectares of skiable surface is bifurcated into 53 sign-posted tails of different difficulty levels. Cerro Catedral offers you the opportunities for off-piste skiing as well as snowboarding and freestyle with rails and bumps for skiers to show off their talents. Besides, it also has one of the best snow-making systems that are able to make real flakes that can cover up to a distance of 10 hectares. Moreover, the ski resort is well-equipped with first-class restaurants, stores, medical facilities, parking facilities and information center among a whole lot of others to make it easy for you to stay there and enjoy your passion.

Some other ski resorts of South America, especially in Argentina include Cerro Bayo ski resort, Cerro Castor which is some 26 kilometers from Ushuaia and the La Hoya ski resort that is located close to City of Esquel.